Ductless System

Enjoy the comfort and cost savings of Daikin ductless heating and air conditioning

Whether you’re putting on an addition, looking to make that one room more comfortable or looking to improve the efficiency of your entire heating and air conditioning system, consider the advanced technology used in Daikin’s ductless heating pumps and ductless air conditioners.

Daikin ductless mini-splits allow you to connect as much as 5 indoor units to 1 outdoor unit thus supplying multi-zone indoor spaces with heating and cooling without any need for ductwork installation.  Save on energy by individually adjusting the temperature setting for each room.

You’ll also appreciate their condensed size and the quick installation that does not require any ductwork.

Advanced Daikin technology

  • Enjoy the peace and quiet of the almost unnoticeable sound operation of Daikin
  • Manage your indoor humidity without the need for additional equipment
  • Conserve energy with our inverter technology that controls the motor speed of your compressor
  • Reduce those hot and cold spaces in your home with the efficiency of heat pumps that provide the best temperature and save energy
Daikin 350pix

Why choose the Daikin comfort?

  • Hassle free installations

    Daikin mini-splits are easy to install because they don’t require any ductwork and are compact in nature

  • Energy savings

    improved ductless heating and cooling technologies provide greater efficiency that help reduce your energy costs

  • Independent Comfort

    Daikin mini-splits allow you to control the indoor units separately thus delivering heating and cooling comfort to selected indoor spaces